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オシャレでかけやすい、スモールサイクル・ミニベロ・小型自転車専用の自転車カバー。簡単にかけれてコンパクトに収納。透湿・防水生地を採用。ファスナーを外してパーツに分けて、カラーをカラフルにカスタマイズでき、レジャーシートとしても使える、カバーズのサイクルカバー。インテリア・エクステリアとしてご使用いただけ、入学祝いや就職祝い、バレンタインデーの贈答品として、またお誕生日やクリスマスプレゼントにもおすすめです!  代替テキストを編集


I needed a fashionable easy-to-use bicycle cover !

I looked for one for a long time without success. Reluctantly, I bought a traditional one to cover my bicycle. But once I removed the cover, I couldn't tell the front from the back. I wasted a lot of time struggling to put it back on again. Then, one day, an image came to me. It was a brightly colored cover with "handles."

I rushed out and bought some fabric to make the cover myself. Not only were the handles convenient, but I loved seeing the brightly colored pretty design from my window.

"Let's bring this ease of use and enjoyment of art to as many people as possible,"

I determined. Thus, my journey to develop bicycle covers began. Eventually, I made what was for me the perfect bicycle cover. It had front and rear ends which could be easily distinguished. It could be slipped on with ease but couldn't be blown off by the wind. I had found what I had long been looking for.

A bicycle cover must not only be easy to use, it must make you enjoy protecting your precious bicycle with care forever. We are now in the age of using bicycles for a longer period of time, so I want to provide covers that are not only easy to use, but are beautiful to look at and enrich our heart. I expect a lot of people are heartbroken when they see their bicycles wet from the rain. I hope that you, as do I, may experience the warmth of satisfaction of protecting your beloved bicycle with a beautiful cover. I wish a lot of love will be conveyed to you through my bicycle cover. 

Nana Ueda

Designer and Founder of